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Christy Moore – Live at The Point (1996)

Christy Moore said himself that the Live at the Point album was “the hardest album he’s ever made’. It certainly remains one of his bestselling albums. It’s a compilation of some of Christy’s best tracks from over 30 years

Live at the point

Christy Moore has played live at The Point in Dublin over 600 times, and this album is a selection of all the best tracks chosen by Christy himself. He claims it was ‘the hardest album he’s ever made’, due to the amount of going back over previously recorded tracks and choosing the best one out of thousands of versions of the same track.

The album took months to actually pull together as there were thousands of hours of listening to get through. This would have involved listening to all versions of a track once and picking out likely candidates for the chosen one. Then going back over them agai and again until you can actually choose ‘The One’ for the album.

Welcome to the Cabaret

This is an excellent choice for an opening song as it serves amazingly on the album ‘Smoke & Strong Whiskey’ . It has a very jovial and welcoming ring to it that gets the audience geared for a great show ahead.


Another great song from Christy Moore which works well here as the gig settles in. Christy would have had to listen his way through many great renditions of this same song, sung live at the point at some point throughout the years, in order to choose this one. Great song and great choice for the album.

Fairytale of New York

Christy Moore does the best version of this Pogues Classic when arranged to be sung as a solo. With just a few tweaks here and there to the lyrics, Christy does a great job of turning it into a solo song. This track was originally on the album ‘Smoke & Strong Whiskey’ and was one of Christy’s many collaborations with Shane MacGowan.



Delirium Tremens

After waking up one morning with the hangover of hangovers, Christy found inspiration for this song. He does an amaing job of singing about the old DTs. In fact, Christy has now been T Total for almost 30 years now.




Black is the Colour

This beautiful love song was originally written by Scottish Folk Singer Hamish Imlach, but has certainly been best known as Christy Moores as he sings it amazingly.




Well Below the Valley

This chant starts off with an amazing Planxty sounding blast of the Bodhran Drum solo before starting up the chant itself. Afterwards Christy goes back full throttle on the drum solo and builds up to a climatic ending.



The Cliffs of Dooneen

Another amazing Planxty song done by Christy as a Solo piece. This amazing song has been sung by Christy at the Point so many times, so hard to select one of many for the album. But I think this was a good choice.

Go, Move, Shift!

After encountering an eciction outside Dublin many years ago, Christy decided to record his own version of Ewan MacColl’s classic album ‘The Travelling People’ which focused on the persecutions of Itinerant communities and their various trials and tribulations over the years.

Christy adds Two verses of his own concerning the incident in question.

Missing You

One of Christys best Navvy songs. This is sung from the perspective of the Irish immigrant in London and how the fear of failure keeps them in the hole they are stuck in. With millions of people around the world from Irish descent, it’s not hard to see why this has become a legendary song.



This is possibly one of Christy’s most humorous of protest songs. It tells the story of the Exploits and Enterprises of Catholic Church priest father James Horden in 1960. After expanding the town he lobbied for an airport, which with multiple underhand stunts involved, got the airport. Knock Airport is now one of the busiest in Ireland.

Ride On

Probably one of Christy’s best known songs and has almost become his signature piece, if not definitely up there with them. This version would have been chosen from Thousands of versions from over the years. I think he made a good choice.


Joxer Goes to Stuttgart

Comical song about the 1988 European National Teams Football Cup. Ireland had qualified that year under new leadership of Jack Charlton who quickly became the country’s new national hero. The famous game of that tournament was the match between Ireland and England where Ireland won.

Nancy Spain

I couldn’t think of a better choice for a finale song to top off a wonderful show. This romantic love song has become one of Christy’s signature pieces over the years. Written by Jimmy McCarthy but best known as Christy Moore’s.


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