January 20, 2022


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Christy Moore – The Lockdown Sessions

Christy Moore - Lockown sessions

Okay, so here’s just a little Gem I’d like to share with anyone who appreciates good folk music. For all you Christy Moore fans out there like myself. You may be pleased to know that the Big fella is still playing on despite the Lock down that has affected us all Globally. The whole situation in fact has inspired many Musicians, Including myself, to start doing shows at home. Once again, the beauty of Technology Shines again.

Christy Moore – The Lockdown Sessions

This is a regular show that was broadcast over 8 weeks from his Home and is Streamed by his son – Andy Moore.

Episode 1

 1. The Gardener

2.  Aisling

Episode 2

1. Quiet Desperation

2. Natives

3. Welcome to the Cabaret

4. Voyage


Episode 3

1. Away You Broken Heart

2. Lightning Bird Wind River Man

3. The Least We Can Do

4. Delirium Tremens

5. Spancil Hill


Episode 4

1.Hattie Carrol

2.They Never Came Home

3. Nancy Spain

4. Does this Train Stop on Merseyside


Episode 5

1. Lily

2. Curragh of Kildare

3. Beeswing

4. Rosalita & Jack Campbell

5. Tuam Beat

6. John O’Dreams


Episode 6

1. Yellow Triangle

2. I Pity the Poor Immigrant

3. The Pearly King

4. One Last Cold Kiss

5. Go, Move, Shift

6. The Time Has Come


Episode 7

1. So Do I

2. Gortatagort

3. Don’t Forget Your Shovel

4. Black is the Colour

5. Viva la Quinte Brigada

6. Sail on Jimmy


Episode 8

1.Ordinary Man

2. Bright Blue Rose

3. Joxer

4.. How Long

5. Sacco & Vanzetti

6. I Pity the Poor immigrant


As far as i can find, that’s all from Christy at the Moment Folks. Hopefully we will be hearing more of these Sessions. Rest assured, i will be sharing them as soon as they too.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy watching and listening and if you want to Download the Music, you can check this post out for Instructions: How to Download Youtube Sound & Video