October 7, 2021


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Nyah Fearties – Grandpa Craw

Grandpa Craw Album by Nyah Fearties

Grandpa Craw by Nyah Fearties

Here’s a Xmas treat for the New Year folks. Grandpa Craw album by Scottish Shanty Punk band – Nyah Fearties. This was the Fearties Fifth Album and probably the most musically refined. They had come a long way over the past decade since the release of their Debut Album ‘A Tasty Heidfu’ in 1985 and had now adopted a touch of Spaghetti Western about their tunes.
This album was recorded in Belgium and released on French label Jivarock Records in 1995 and was the first of 2 versions of this album. The second version was produced back in Scotland by Davie Feartie later that year on the bands own LYT Records ,and contains a few differences. This same arrangement is now produced by Plastic Head Music.
Both versions of the album are absolutely brilliant and perhaps the Fearties at their best. This was the only real professional studio recording that the band done. The Album is now produced by Plastic Head Music.

Listen to Grandpa Craw

You can Listen to the Album Free on Bandcamp and if you want, you can buy the digital Download on a ‘Pay what you want’ basis. Just follow this link here;

Nyah Fearties – Grandpa Craw

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Nyah Fearties – Grandpa Craw (1995)

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