October 11, 2021


Punk, Ska, Celtic Punk and more

The Pogues – Peace and Love

This album for me,wasnt one of the best albumwise,but did contain quite a few good tracks.Leaning away from the original Irish Punk-Folk sound that the Pogues were so used to playing,this album embraces more of a london pub/cabaret sound on a lot of tracks.alkthough it Does Feature a good Terry Woods song “Young Ned of the Hill”, which still contains the upbeat folk sound.Also features a great “White City”, a song about the redevolopment and modernisation of the london borough and its effects of change on the local community.

This album seems to adopt a more jazzier sound,which shows through on tracks such as “Misty Morning ,Albert bridge” and “London youre a Lady”.Still well worth a listen to for the Gems Hidden Within.