October 11, 2021


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The Pogues – If i Should Fall From Grace With God

Released in 1986, this album was probably one of the most noted,with the Pogues being at their height of fame at this point.Also with the Xmas chart topper “Fairytale of Newyork” included on the album,it has became one of the most noted albums in history.The pogues were probably at their largest by now too,as they had now been accompanied by Banjo/Mandolin legend Terry Woods,and Guitarist/songwriter Phil Chevron.This was also the debut for the bands new Bassist Daryl Hunt who replaced Cait O’RoirdanThis album contains some Classics indeed.songs such as “Turkish song of the Damned” with its distinct Eastern sound and the excellent Irish Immigrant song “Thousands are Sailing”,this album displays a plethora of poguetry at its best.