October 17, 2021


Punk, Ska, Celtic Punk and more

Shane MacGowan – Live Across the Broad Atlantic

This is a split live set from Paddys Day in 2001.Only,its both in Newyork and in Dublin.Oh, and there was no Jumbo jet involved either.How does that work then you might ask.
Well in that year, Ireland was in almost quarantine with the Foot and Mouth Disease epidemic.So for this reason,knowing that Dublin would be jam packed with the annual visit of everyone coming from around the country to celebrate, as they did every year on March 17th, the Irish Government declared that the momentious day be Postponed this year until the Crisis was back under control.
So here we have it.Shane manages to Play a Saint Patricks Day gig on Both sides of the Broad Atlantic,and on the same year.What about that then for cheer cheek.
Also features a rather Diffrent (to say the least) rendition of the Xmas classic “Fairytale of Newyork” with Shanes ma’ singin.