October 24, 2021


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Serious Drinking

Serious drinking were a punk band from norwich who formed in 1981.
They took their name from a headline they came across in the sounds magazine,which was an interveiw with london punk/oi band,”the Cockney Rejects”.

Band members were; Martin Ling (formerly of the higsons) on Vocals,Eugene McCarthy on Vocals, Andy Hearshaw (formerly of the Farmer boys) on Guitar, Jem Moore on Bass and Lance Dunlop on Drums.
Most of the band initially met as students at The University of East Anglia.

They released their Debut EP; “Love on the Terraces” in 1982 which was produced by Mark Bedford of “Madness”.They reached number 9 in the Indie charts.In 1983 their follow up “Hangover”,reached Number 4.
The same year, they went on to realease their Debut album “The Revolution Starts at Closing Time”,also reaching position 4 in the Indie Charts.In 1984 they released their next album “They may be drinkers robin,but theyre still human beings” and another single “Country girl becomes sex and drugs punk”.
John Peel was a great fan of the band and they recorded 4 sessions for the “John Peel Show” on Radio one.
In 1990,they realeased a compilation album “Stranger than Tannadice”

The revolution starts at closing time (1983)
They may be Drinkers Robin,but theyre still human beings (1984)
Stranger than Tannadice (1990)
Serious Drinking live in Hamburg